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Summer events!

Summer at the science centers means an influx of campers and tourists. This summer the VSC is continuing to expand and gain recognition. Space Center Houston has presented several distance learning events to both the Anchorage Imaginarium and the Louisville Science Center. Special guest speakers from Johnson Space Center have linked directly with campers in Anchorage to discuss the Constellation Project (the return to the moon) and the astronaut space suit. They were even briefly joined by several Star Wars visitors. Visitors in Kentucky have seen just what it is like to live in space through a live show from Space Center Houston.

The summer also brings time for teacher professional development. Teachers in both Alaska and Kentucky will be meeting with Space Center educators to learn about what Space Center Houston does to excite students about science. Many Pringles chips have been eaten in preparation for Pringles solar ovens, and preparations are being made for new and exciting high school math and science activities.

We would love to hear what is happening in your centers or classrooms, please spend a few minutes sharing!

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