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Terre Haute Children's Museum - Terre Haute, Indiana

Since it opened its doors in 1988, the Terre Haute Children’s Museum has been committed to creating a fun, dynamic science and technology learning environment for the young people in our community, and in September, the museum will move to a new 26,000-square-foot facility filled with hands-on exhibits that are designed to spark an interest in science, technology engineering and math.


Some of the exhibits that are being planned for the new museum include a two-story tree house, an energy exhibit, a dinosaur dig, a water table, a robotic arm, space exhibits, a TV/weather studio, a seashell exhibit, a construction zone, a health exhibit, and a group of exhibits about airplanes and flight. In the future, the museum also hopes to offer unique, age-appropriate health education programs .


One of our most anticipated exhibits is our agriculture exhibit, which will include opportunities for visitors to “ drive” a tractor and combine, crank an auger, see a working beehive, milk a cow, and much more as they explore their way to understanding how science and technology play a role in agriculture today. To our knowledge, this is the only agriculture exhibit in the state.


As a  Children’s Museum committed to enriching “our children's lives through the exploration of science and technology,” we want to play a significant role in increasing STEM literacy so that all students can learn deeply and think critically in science, math, engineering, and technology. We want to spark an interest in science, technology, engineering and math so that our children will have a better chance of achieving future classroom and career success, and we look forward to sharing our new museum with the the children and families that live and visit our community.

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